Data Engineer - Junior data engineer jobs in UK - Cyber Chasse
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Data Engineer


As a data scientist at Cyber Chasse you will collect data from various resources and analyze it to provide valuable insights to help stakeholders make effective business decisions. Besides, you’ll assist in understanding the business performance and building AI tools to automate some of the repetitive processes.


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Who are we looking for?

1. Python, Linux OS

2. Has hands-on knowledge on setting up Docker containerization and running application on ECS,EKS

3. Very good exposure in setting up Analytical tools such as RStudio, MLFLOW, Databricks, Jupyter etc.

4. Very good practical knowledge of using and implementing AWS services EC2,S3,ECS,AWS sagemaker.

5. Mathematical optimization, discrete-event simulation, rules programming, and predictive analytics.

Your tasks will be:

1. Work with deep data and analytics skills with strong business acumen to solve business problems by understanding, preparing, and analyzing data to predict emerging trends and provide recommendations to optimize business results.

2. Experience using statistical computer languages R, Python, SLQ, etc to manipulate data and draw insights from large data sets

3. Experience working with and creating data architectures

4. Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques clustering, decision tree learning, artificial neural networks, etc and their real-world advantages/drawbacks

5. Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and concepts regression

6. Demonstrate and Document working prototypes on test datasets and real-world scenarios.

7. Innovate to come up with new solutions and improve existing solutions.

8. Be an enthusiastic and motivated member of the team.

9. Maintain knowledge of new technologies in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning.